jeudi 16 avril 2015

Everything comes to those who wait.....

It must be over 3 years ago that I was called to a charming old house to value some items that were part of an estate. There was a large family of relatives and descendants and the house and contents were to be sold and shared between them. The elderly titled owner had been in a rest home in Paris and had not returned to the Summer residence for many years.

I valued what I could and I left a quote on some of the items I would like to buy. I never ever expected to hear anything and to be honest I had forgotten all about it.

Then I had a very surprising call from a local lawyer to meet him at the house and to see what, if anything, I wanted from the little that remained.

I expected to find just the total rubbish was left but instead I was delighted.

Oh are going to adore these treasures mes belles!!

I shall say one thing .....the silk monogrammed and crown embellished stockings of a still my beating heart!!!

I shall start listing today and below is a peep in some of the boxes.

And the sewing box of the Countess? Well that`s something I shall tell you as I photograph it!!

A la prochaine.....

dimanche 29 mars 2015

Monsieur Brossard at Chateau Chinon............


Truffled this morning.. Wonderful old invoices and cheques dating from the late 1800s and early 1900s. All addressed to Chateau Chinon. They came from an old quincaillerie hardware store in Autun. Wonderful old sepia ink scrolled script. I shall leave them in the batches I found them in!!!

Does this mean someone is truffling in the attics of the Chateau Chinon?
Me thinks a little detective work is in order.. Dons cloak and sneaks through turret door..

a la prochaine mes belles.....

dimanche 22 mars 2015

You shall go to the ball.............

Well bonjour mes belles!!

The new website is now up and running and there will shortly be some treasures to buy direct from the site which will please my trufflees who hate Ebay!

Our truffling trip was superb and now I am in the process of unpacking and getting it ready for photographs. I like unpacking the things I forgot I had bought!

The new Disney Cinderella film is launched and as I supplied yards and yards of 19th century black hat veil to their design team I am delighted to see it was actually used.....

Charles le Baron du Breuil has somehow managed to strip all of the fur from one ear and it is angry and raw. I have a feeling he might have walked underneath the farmers tractor after it had just been used and burned the fur on the tractor exhaust. 

Sir Digbert Fanshaw Brownshaw is full of the joys of Spring which gives no indication to his 14 years of age. I found him up on the kitchen table yesterday lapping up some cream I had put there for Charles to cheer him up after his injury. Who says a 78 year old can`t jump?!!!

In the photograph above he is testing The Princess and the pea theory to see if he really is royalty!

I shall be revealing my latest finds this week so keep watching!

A la prochaine mes belles


samedi 14 mars 2015

The Paris Flea................

Mais oui!

Back soon with new treasures mes belles


lundi 9 mars 2015

La Maison Blanche.......

It has been a fabulous day of truffling and I already have some wonderful treasures on board.

I simply had to show you this amazing dolls house I saw this morning. It was so big that it filled a trailer attached to a car and on chatting with the seller he told me it was supposed to be The White House.

I would love to know who took the time to create this unique confection.

Made with such love and care I wonder where it`s new home will be?

Click on the photographs to see closer.

It`s an early start tomorrow for a 1000 strong brocante in the morning. I tend to post photographs directly from my phone on to my Facebook page as I go throughout the day. But I know that not all of you use Facebook so I will catch up here as soon as I am home.

A la prochaine mes belles

vendredi 6 mars 2015

Gone truffling.............

I am off for a week of truffling. Line them up and let me at them!!!!

Back soon hopefully with hoards of treasures....

Have a wonderful weekend mes belles


mercredi 4 mars 2015

Mothers Day gift....

Would it be too much to ask for this for Mothers Day?

Tartar Tent, Château de Groussay, Montfort l’Amaury, France

The globe-trotting Frenchman Charles de Beistegui bought Château de Groussay in 1938, almost 125 years after it had been built. He then transformed its grounds into a wonderland of global references, with follies inspired by travels to India, Mexico, and all of Europe. In addition to constructing an observatory, a pagoda, a pyramid, and a “Love Temple” reminiscent of the Trianon, he erected this Tartar Tent of painted metal in 1960, lining its interior with 10,000 Delft tiles........

Click on the photograph to see it larger.

I so NEED it in my life!!

A la prochaines mes belles

jeudi 26 février 2015

Shepton flea? Absolutely oui!!!!

We had booked inside pitches at the flea market as the weather forecast was so bad. But, when we arrived at the showground it was dry and bright so we made the decision to stand outside and sprawl the house clearance boxes!

What a wonderful day we had and it was so lovely to meet so many people that I have only known by name for so long.

My only regret is finding out that quite a few people had looked for me indoors and had not been able to find me! On reflection we should have simply put a cloth over the indoor tables with a sign explaining where we were. My apologies to anyone who searched for me.

Along with Miss Frou Frou, Mark and my old friend Sally we were kept busy all morning and lots of people walked away with arms full of treasures!

At midday the predicted rain arrived with a vengeance so we quickly loaded what was left and went off for a pub lunch!

Miss Frou has the remaining boxes and will be standing the local flea markets to reduce the haul.

She is trying to lure me to stand the next flea with her in April and I must admit it would be wonderful to clear the rest of the attic boxes so watch this space.

Thanks to Dee and David for their good luck card and it certainly worked!!

But now it`s back to my desk and some divine treasures to be listed this week.

I came home from truffling today with a gorgeous black and red velvet table top shop mannequin that shall be listing soon.

As for the new header above it was an old photograph I saw on my travels today. What amazing lace and I wonder who that mademoiselle was?  I didn`t buy the photograph and now I am regretting it...looks like I will have to retrace my steps tomorrow to bring her home.

A la prochaine mes belles

jeudi 19 février 2015


During the long winter evenings our cat, Charles Le Baron du Breuil,  can be found each night curled up as close to the fire as possible. Even during the summer he rarely stays out overnight. Having only three legs means he never travels far as, with constant 'hopping', he tires quickly. 

For the last few nights the temperature has plummeted and everywhere is covered with a thick heavy frost in the morning but, at the same time, the days have been sunny which melts the icy frost quite quickly.


Yesterday afternoon I sat at my desk and watched three rabbits tearing round the field chasing each other like lunatics. It made me feel Spring must be on the way - but then it began to get dark  late in the afternoon and the cold returned.

Around seven o'clock last night Charles disappeared through the cat flap for his usual 'last promenade',  before returning and settling down by the log burner.

By 11pm however he had not returned so I put my head out of the back door into the icy blast and called him in. Nothing at all!

We went to bed around midnight but before retiring  I went outside  and called him again but still no sign of him. It was getting towards freezing by then - and I knew that I would be restless and unable to sleep until he was safely back home. 

At 2am I went downstairs armed with a torch and with Diggers, my faithful Jack Russell, sleepily trailing behind me. I put my coat over my pyjamas and walked into the garden calling out Charlie's name. It was like a silent Winter wonderland - quite surreal really

I have always had this terrible fear of one day finding Charles run over in the lane by one of the hunters' vans so off I walked up the lane into the pitch black. It may be a silent track here that leads past the chateau  to the marsh but the hunters tear down here like a race track in their haste to get to the hunting lodge ( or drinking den I suspect!)

I did have a slight panic as I approached a lump lying in the road but was relieved to see it was a clump of hay which had fallen from a farm trailer. I shouted out again as loud as I could and the only reply I got was from a couple of owls so I returned to the house.

I went back to bed with the worst thoughts in my head. Had he got caught in a hunter`s snare? Had he been injured? Was he stuck up a tree? Had he injured his one 'good' back leg and was unable to hop home? Had he travelled further away than he had intended and was too exhausted to get home? Had he hopped into a hunters van whilst the doors were open and been carried away to who knows where?

The clock struck 4am and I was back outside in the cold calling out his name. I shouted so loud in the still night that the dogs way across the marsh barked a reply.  I strained my ears for the slightest 'meeow' - but nothing. A few years ago when  Digger's hearing was still good  I could have relied on him to point me in the right direction. But now that he is very deaf he was no help - so I trailed back to bed.

At 7am I got up, dressed warm , grabbed the torch and set off again into the dark. This time even Diggers didn`t join me.

 I walked all the way to the top of the lane, walked the garden again and finally stood on the entrance to the marsh and shouted his name. I then thought I heard a very faint 'meeow' that seemed to be coming from the disused farmyard next door. At first I thought I had imagined it but then I heard it again.

I went onto the yard and called again and I heard again faint meows and frantic scratching. There is an old cottage on the farmyard which the farmer occasionally uses to store his tools - and the noises were coming from that building. Charlie had obviously gone in there and the farmer, not realising he was in there, had effectively 'locked' him in. As I walked up I saw to my horror that it had a padlock on the thick chain.

My poor boy had spent the whole freezing night trapped in that old stone building and I knew that I would have to force the lock if necessary to rescue him. To my utter joy however the farmer had closed the padlocked but had not pushed the clasp down to lock it. I took the chain off, opened the door  and out shot Charlie - straight into my arms!!

He clung up close to me, like he was hugging me. as I carried him home. For those of you reading my blog who know Charles well you will know how 'independent' he can be - and how unusual it is to be able to get any semblance of affection from him!!

 So......... after taking an early breakfast of tuna he hopped upstairs and joined us, lying on top of our quilt. 

And now, as I type this, Charlie is cuddled up next to my keyboard, content and fast asleep. Panic over!!

And so I could concentrate today on this coming weekend........

I've been feeling feeling absolutely overwhelmed by the number of boxes I've acquired from attic clearance over the last 12 months or so. executive decision was made - and this Sunday will see me at the Shepton Mallett Flea Market held at the Bath and West Showground having a clear out! I have decided that I am absolutely not bringing anything back home!!! There really is a huge number of items - ranging from a chateau cushion to an oil painting!

We had originally intended to have an outside pitch and simply put the boxes out for people to rummage through but rain is forecast for Sunday all day - so I have booked two stands indoors instead.

Wish me luck!!

Bon weekend mes belles

jeudi 5 février 2015

Shades of Venetian pink................

So many shades of pinks....

So beautiful................

So beguiling......

As always each visit simply fuels my addiction!!

Click on the photographs if you would like to see them larger

A la prochaine mes belles